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At BarreMan, we are passionate about cocktails. Join us on a journey of mixology as we share the art of crafting delicious drinks and delve deeper into the fascinating history behind each cocktail.

three clear glass cups with juice
three clear glass cups with juice

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Who is BarreMan?

BarreMan is much more than just Floris, the bartender. Behind the scenes, countless creative minds collaborate to produce the amazing videos you can admire online.

St. Patrick's Iced Tea

A refreshing cocktail that combines the sweetness of green iced tea with Irish whiskey to pay homage to Irish traditions and provide an enchanting experience that transports you to the green hills of Ireland.

Dirty Martini

A powerful cocktail with gin or vodka, dry vermouth, and a playful twist of olive juice that makes your taste buds dance.


A work of art in a glass, with harmonious flavors of spicy gin, velvety vermouth, and bold Campari, balanced by ice and elevated by a subtle citrus note from an orange slice.

An enchanting cocktail with Pink Gin, Elderflower liqueur, lime juice, sparkling water, and a touch of grenadine, combining love and seduction for a romantic and refreshing experience. Cheers to love!

Corona Mojito

On a refreshing summer evening with a setting sun, this is the perfect companion for a refreshing summer night with juicy lime, fresh mint, cane sugar, white rum, and a unique sparkling touch of Corona beer.

Love Potion

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Cocktails and History

At BarreMan, we are passionate about cocktails and love to share our knowledge with others. With our videos, we'll teach you how to make delicious cocktails and also delve into the history behind each drink. Join us and learn how to become a master at creating the perfect cocktail!


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